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The coffee ride

Lightweight & minimal setup

The coffee ride

It's a sunny ☀ Sunday morning and you're getting ready for a long bike ride. A mid-ride coffee with a view is an essential. Through lots of testing, this setup has proven to be the most compact, lightweight, and the easiest to bring along on a weekend ride. Everything packs into a small camping pot and makes use of the bike's bottle holders - no need to bring a stove. For up to 2 people.

Step by step guide

Step 1

Pack the filters and the Orea brewer in the titanium pot. The order in which you pack them does not matter too much. In a 700ml or 750ml camping pot, there should be just enough room for both.

Step 2

Fill the insulated bottle with piping hot water. If you fill it with as close to 100° C as you can, it should be at perfect brewing temperature by the time you stop to brew. Place the insulated bottle in one of the bike's bottle cages.

Step 3

Pack the pot (which contains the brewer and filters) and coffee into a bagel handlebar bag. There's enough space left for coffee, snacks, a grinder, or some extra clothing.

Step 4

When you get to your brew spot - unpack everything, remove the brewer and filters from the pot and transfer the hot water from the insulated bottle into the pot. This makes it easier to pour and also transforms the bottle into a nice insulated cup.

Step 5

Use some of the hot water to pre-wet the filter. This helps reduce the chance that your coffee will have a papery taste and cleans off any dust or particles. Make sure you discard the water used to wet the filter.

Step 6

Place the Orea brewer on the insulated bottle and place the coffee inside the brewer. You can use the basic Orea brew recipe of 16g coffee to 300ml water.

Step 7

Bloom the coffee - pour a small amount of water on the coffee bed (this is usually done quite quickly) and make sure it's all wet. Allow to bloom for around 30 seconds.

Step 8

Brew the coffee - you can check out our brew guides for tips on how best to pour and how many intervals to use. But you are outside - so don't try to be a perfectionist, enjoy it.

Step 9

Time to drink and to enjoy a coffee with a view. Make sure you take the filter and used coffee grounds with you in a ziplock bag and leave no trace. That was easy right?

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