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OREA V3 BASALT MATTE BLACK - Limited Edition (base sold separately)



Note: This is the brewing funnel alone. You can order & customise your base here 


For this brewer, we recommend the matte bases - but it does work and look nice with the glossy bases too if you prefer one of the patterns. We particularly recommend the "supernova", "punk", "black candy", and "kaleido" bases for this brewer.  



Back in matte black


A throwback to the original OREA V1, in a satin matte black finish. Made from food-safe Polycarbonate in order to optimise for thermal stability. A truly unique variant of the OREA V3. 


The first versions of the OREA Brewer (V1 & V2 MK1) came in a delightful satin matte black finish (albeit, a different material). Since then, we have explored in other directions - from Silver to Clear, to Glossy Black, Ice, Frost, and Snow. Sometimes it was our choice, sometimes it was bad luck - but we have loved each variant of the V3 so far. Our first V3 brewers came in a glossy finish, mostly designed to give the glass-clear finish of the Clear V3 brewer. Once we ran into issues manufacturing the Clear V3, we decided to go back to basics and transition the moulds to a satin matte finish and launch a matte black version as a throwback to where we started. It just felt like the right way to go! 


Competition Series 


Matteo D'Ottavio, UK Brewing Champion ('20/'21), Photo by Federico Pezzetta


For this unit, we decided to designate a new category due to its origins and the decisions that led to it coming to life. With this release, we welcome the "Competition Series". 


Our first usable samples of the V3 were made by milling some solid blocks of black food safe Polycarbonate - which we blasted into a satin matte finish for Matteo D'Ottavio (the UK Brewing Champion) to use at the World Brewers Cup. Matteo has gone on to take these devices to the UK Brewers Cup and the Italian Brewers Cup since then. We love working with Matteo and are pleased to have his help with this unit, with specific guides designed by Matteo included in the box. 


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Why Polycarbonate?

We chose Polycarbonate specifically because it is so bad at conducting heat - which results in excellent thermal stability inside the brewer.  This allowed Matteo to start brewing without pre-heating the devices and it meant that he had a lot more control over the temperature in the bed and allowing him to manipulate the brewing bed temperature easier through the kettle temperature. In short - the temperature in the bed stays very consistent and reflects the temperatures in the kettle - without big hikes or drops - which other materials can cause. 


The thick walls of the V3 aid in temperature stability too, being 3mm thick. As the thermal conductivity rate is so incredibly low (0.19 K/WH) - it takes a very long time for heat to travel from the bed into the walls of the dripper. As polycarbonate is also very poor at radiating heat outwards (into the air around it), the walls slowly become an insulating force during the brewing process. 


The resulting device is a hyper-optimised brewer with excellent thermal properties, a lush heavy luxury feeling and a delicate satin matte finish. All of this on top of the much-loved OREA V3 design, which optimises for brewing consistency and a faster, better extraction through the patented flat bed. 


Limited Edition

We do plan to make more of this specific unit, but it may not be the main product we stock across our shop and retailers permanently. While it is not capped in number like Ice, Frost, and Snow, it will be available in less units than other models in the future. This specific model will not be available with all of our global distributors - mostly to be stocked in the official OREA shop. 



Why you will love the Orea Brewer

The Orea Brewer combines a fast flow rate, consistency, superior thermal properties, packability, durability, recycled materials and unapologetic beauty. The patented ring design ensures faster flow & unrivalled consistency. Explore a wider range of brewing styles, from just above espresso grind to coarse grind. We recommend you read the full overview on the product page below.

A full overview of the Orea Brewer V3 →

What is different about this model compared to the original V3?

This limited edition release was born through material experimentation. It is identical to the original OREA Brewer V3, apart from the material it is made with. The original V3 uses a Polyamide called Trogamid, while this edition uses a Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has a few different properties from Trogamid. It is a little heavier and perhaps feels more "premium" as a result. This variant also has a satin matte finish, while the original V3 Brewer was glossy. The finish does not impact performance in any way. 


Why is the base detachable?

This was an important decision in the product design process. We wanted to have a universal mount for accessories and to have the opportunity to explore other materials. Structurally, it makes everything cleaner and simpler too. For now, two accessories have been designed to take advantage of this mounting ring - the Orea Base (made from recycled plastic) and the PROLOG wooden holder. We are exploring other accessories that can click into this ring to open up new use cases. It also opens up the opportunity for personalisation - change up the base, match your style and evolve the brewer. Romantically, we hope this also will lead to less waste, as there is potential to upgrade individual components as we release new versions, rather than buying an entire new product.

Snap in base

Designed to snap in for a perfect fit in order to ensure stability and consistency.

What filters can I use?

The best "wave" shape filters for the Orea Brewer V3 155 Small are the Kalita Wave 155 filters,the OREA Negotiator filters or the OREA x Sibarist flat filters. You can use any other 155 "wave" shaped filter, but recipes and performance may differ.


OREA V3 BASALT MATTE BLACK - Limited Edition (base sold separately)


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