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Sense Cup x MARVILLA 225ml


We like to use the shape of the Sense Cup as a blank canvas for collaborations - to explore new materials, finishes, and partners. We have been huge fans of the work MARVILLA do in Mexico and we knew it was the right time to collaborate on our beautiful Sense Cup with them. 

Handmade in Mexico

MARVILLA are a design studio based in Mexico City. They design and produce stunning objects in partnership with local craftspeople and using local clays and dyes. We find their work to be very pure and very delicious - simple shapes with really unique, deep colours. The glazes they use are not super shiny, but not matte either. The clay they use feels different, with a different weight and a different thickness. They manage to produce products that feel very much theirs even at first sight they may seem simple. This focus on local craft with a clear personality has brought their work into exhibitions and into stores like the MOMA Store. 

Pure colours

We decided to focus on a few colours that pair well with the coffees we like to drink. For this release, we have the beautiful Peach and the Speckled White. 

Unique ceramic

Holding these cups is a great experience - they are heavier than previous iterations giving a more grounded feeling while drinking. The lip is a little shorter than previous iterations, which brings the nose even closer into the middle of the cup and closer to the beautiful aroma. Due to the thicker walls, the neck is narrower - which we find also helps with aroma enjoyment. Overall, this cup is a sensory gem - from sight, to touch, to smell. 

Unique capacity

The capacity for these cups is 225ml (when filled to the neck). However, we recommend to pair this item with the Sense Carafe and pour small amounts at once (40-60ml), to get the maximum sensorial experience. By pouring less coffee at a time, you will cool it to drinking temperature quicker and you will be able to fully take advantage of the design intention of this product - to capture and nurture aroma within the cup's body. 

Proudly handmade in Mexico 🖤

In search of the perfect shape

We tested dozens of variations in the search for the perfect form. Delightful to hold, extremely enjoyable to drink from, and optimised for the perfect sensory experience. The wine glass-like body with steep angles help collect and concentrate aroma in a central point. The wide mouth positions your nose right in the middle of this, while also spreading liquid evenly across your palate when you drink.

OREA x Lautaro Lucero

To bring the Sense Cup to life, we partnered with a young up-and-coming Argentinian designer - Lautaro Lucero. He is an Industrial Engineer by trade and has been designing products for coffee for years. We worked together to test many different shapes and sizes to land on this as the perfect shape to pair with the Orea brewer. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the process of making it.


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Sense Cup x MARVILLA 225ml
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