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OREA Brewer V3 Base - recycled plastic


Note: this is just the base component, the brewer must be purchased separately.  


This base is a dream come true. We've been supporters of an open-source initiative called Precious Plastic for years. It's a wonderful vision of using waste to make stuff locally, in 2022, when nothing is made locally anymore. It's also a community and blueprint for anyone to make local recycling centers, or recycled products. It's within this network that we found our collaborators for this base, EasyMoulds and Relic Plastic. We hope this will inspire you to make something precious out of trash too. It's not easier or cheaper than using virgin plastic, but for us, it was an easy choice.

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

Perfectly imperfect - made in the UK in an artisanal process. We use source post-consumer plastic waste like bottle caps, tupperware, and takeout containers. This process results in each piece being slightly different as the plastic flows together uniquely each time. There are 7 patterns to choose from, but each base is one of a kind.


A piece of art

We don't think recycled plastic has to look "recycled". Each base pattern is a piece of art. A blend of colours intentionally chosen, with precise weight and contrast. While it's a bit unpredictable, we do have an element of precision in this art. We hope you will love your one of a kind base!

Snap in design

Designed to snap in for a perfect fit in order to ensure stability and consistency.

OREA Brewer V3 Base - recycled plastic


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