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Sense Cup - Porcelain

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The best Sense Cup we've made so far

The original ceramic small Sense Cup was a favourite amongst customers - but we stopped producing it and started looking for a better manufacturing partner that can meet our standards. The process took longer than expected - we must admit - but we are happy that we kept standards high and patience strong. We found a family-run fine teaware manufacturer in Taiwan that really felt like a great match. The result was better than we expected - a super delicate porcelain cup with a snow white glossy glaze that just lets coffee glide over it. 

Fine porcelain

The original Sense Cup was ceramic - which meant it had to be thicker and in general felt quite different. Fine porcelain is a better match for this cup because we can make the walls almost as thin as our glass Sense Glasses - giving a delicate but strong cup that feels just luxurious. The porcelain is translucent (you will see through it slightly) - which we absolutely love. 

Now in two sizes

You can select between a Small 175ml or Large 240ml cup size. Both cups share the same design but will feel/taste different due to the material mass and size. If you prefer to brew directly into your cup, you should select the Large size for brews up to 15g to 250ml (your brewed coffee will be less than 240ml). The external size of the Sense Cup Large 240ml is the same as the Sense Glass Large 275ml but has a lower capacity due to the thicker walls. The Large cup is compatible with the Sense Tray, the Small cup is not. 

A wider body and thinner neck

In this cup, we tweaked the shape slightly from the original Sense Cup - which we have adopted in our Sense Glasses too. The body is slightly wider, the neck slightly narrower - thus increasing the aromatic experience by having more room to collect aroma and a smaller window to expel it. 

Designed for sipping

This cup is designed to pair with a carafe. The intended use is as a tasting cup - whereby you pour small amounts and sip from it. It is small in size and won't usually hold a full brew - and it is not meant to. By filling little bits at a time, you have ample space to swirl and smell, amplifying the aromatic experience. By using this cup as intended, it will never be too hot to touch, the neck always providing a cool area go grab, hold, or carry. 

In search of the perfect shape

We tested dozens of variations in the search for the perfect form. Delightful to hold, extremely enjoyable to drink from, and optimised for the perfect sensory experience. The wine glass-like body with steep angles help collect and concentrate aroma in a central point. The wide mouth positions your nose right in the middle of this, while also spreading liquid evenly across your palate when you drink.

Amplify the senses

This cup is designed to heighten the sensory experience while drinking specialty coffee. Smell, sight, touch, taste - all amplified by this shape, material, and colour. With this cup you will taste more, smell more, and experience more while enjoying your favourite specialty coffee. 


The wine glass-like body has steep angles that helps collect and concentrate aroma. The wide mouth positions your nose right in the middle of this aroma, while also spreading liquid evenly across your palette.

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Sense Cup - Porcelain
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