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Sibarist Fast Flat filter (OREA edition)

A perfect match

This special Sibarist filter was made to fit the OREA V3 (Large) Brewer perfectly. The combination is truly sensational - a super fast and porous filter paper combined with our super fast brewer - opening up new possibilities in brewing. These papers are made in Barcelona, Spain, in a very unique process, resulting in a drastically different paper structure to traditional coffee filter papers. This is probably the highest quality coffee paper filter and we are delighted to add this perfectly-fitting filter to our lineup.

How it works

The Sibarist paper comes in a flat shape that has pre-creased lines to help you fold it by hand. It takes a few tries initially, but once you have it down, it's very simple. We prefer to use the Negotiator tool for this, as the pre-creased lines act as the perfect guide for a perfect fit in seconds. But we really love that you can also use these filters without tools while travelling or if you just prefer to not own more tools.

Lower bypass, increased consistency

These papers hug the brewer walls to perfection - as the shape is already pre-creased and pre-defined for you. This allows us to brew with more consistency and ensures that the majority of the water drains through the coffee bed and not around it. All of this without sacrificing speed. The hallmark of this combination of paper and brewer is the quick 2 minute brew with a very different taste profile than the traditional Kalita Wave.

Higher extraction with lower brewing times

Something we were surprised about in initial tests was the measurable impact of this filter paper in the OREA V3 Brewer. The results are pretty simple to explain. Because this combination of filter and brewer allows for much faster drawdown, we have to grind quite a bit finer in order to get enough contact of coffee to water. As it's easier to extract more from finer particles, we see higher extractions in lower time, as water can flow through the fine grounds quickly, while still extracting all the good stuff. This doesn't mean you can't reach the same extraction numbers with other papers - it just means that it takes more time with them, and due to a difference in grind size and contact time, the resulting taste will be very different too. In our tests, we especially loved these filters for stubborn, slower-draining washed coffees, where the impact is very noticeable quickly.

Increased clarity in flavour and aroma

Probably the biggest impact of this paper is on clarity of flavour and aroma, especially when paired with the OREA Brewer. We don't know exactly which feature defines this most - but we do notice it in the cup. If you like a sweeter, more full-bodied brew, we would recommend the normal Negotiator filters, but if you are looking for a tea-like body and crisp flavour clarity, the Sibarist may be for you.

Supplied with guides

In each pack, you will find guides to help you get brewing. Dialling these in can be challenging as the brew dynamics are quite different. Please see the guides included for tips on getting the best out of this combination, including recipes from us and Sibarist. The guides are packed into the filter bag. 

Limited initial release

This first release is quite limited but we plan to make a lot more of these papers together. We'd love to hear your feedback on this combination, and we look forward to stocking them for a long time to come.

Made with Abaca

It's no question that we are constantly made a little uncomfortable that we use a disposable filter daily. Trees grow slowly and if we can find better alternatives, we are 100% on board. These filters are made with Abaca, a plant that closely resembles banana plants. These plants are fully grown and ready to harvest within two years, which is much quicker than the two decades or so a tree takes to reach maturity. A reduced impact and quicker cycle with a unique fibre as a byproduct.


Highest quality paper

This paper is impressively high quality and thus also comes with a higher price. The quality is most obvious in the fact that you actually can clean them up, dry them, and reuse them multiple times as demonstrated by folks like Ray from Melodrip



This specific paper was designed for the OREA Brewer V3 (LARGE 185). It also works with the Small 155 OREA V3, but the paper will stick out about one centimetre. However, as both of our brewer sizes use the same geometry, this doesn't impact the performance at all, it just may impact the aesthetics and how close you get get to the coffee bed. We plan to develop it in both sizes for a perfect fit, but initially releasing it for our more popular LARGE size.



Brewer Size Fit
V3 Large (185) Perfect fit
V3 Small (155) It works, but filter sticks out about 1cm 
V2 (MK1&MK2) It works, but filter sticks out about 2cm



Sibarist Fast Flat filter (OREA edition)


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