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Weighing Scale - KATZE

Beautiful on your counter

We met the guys at Mx in Taiwan last year after seeing this little scale around an event - we instantly loved it. It's small and has a stow-away screen, which makes it look and feel very tidy when not in use. Most scales are very intrusive in design - too big - too opinionated in shapes. On our bar, we wanted something simple that just works and we find this scale to be a good solution. 


Here's a great overview of this scale by our good friends at Rogue Wave. In the video, you can see all of the available modes in detail, along with other useful information on how to use it. 


Aluminium frame

The scale has an aluminium top and frame, providing a lot of protection and strength to the weighing mechanism. You can travel with it without the fear of breaking it, with the internal frame protecting all the vitals. 

USB-C charging

We love that this is USB-C, making it easy to charge with existing device cables as you travel or as you charge it at home. 

3 Smart Modes to help you brew

The scale comes with some helpful brewing modes if you would like some help - but the default mode is the simple-no-fuss tare and time, which is the one we love. By double-tapping the time button, you can toggle through the different brewing modes, with auto-timer start as you pour being our favourite mode to pick from. 

Made in Taiwan

This scale is made in Taiwan from high quality materials. In fact, it's hard to convey the quality feel of it, but it is a good combination of plastic and metal which is hard to find at this price-point. We were impressed from the first use and we hope you'll love it too. 

Guest product

We don't normally sell other people's products, but we do want to test having some guest products on the shop if we try and love them. This has been a daily driver for us on a budget and we think it may fit a lot of budgets out there if you are looking for a very quality object at a reasonable price. 


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Weighing Scale - KATZE
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