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OREA Brewer Porcelain

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A delicate brewer

The OREA Porcelain Brewer with an OPEN bottom is a very unique device, created from the same ultra-pure fine porcelain we use for the Sense Cups. These brewers are made in a small family-owned craft porcelain factory in Taiwan who traditionally specialise in creating delicate porcelain teaware. You will find this brewer to be translucent when holding it in direct light - a testament to the quality and purity of the source material and the high temperatures that these are fired to.

Handcrafted with care

While these brewers are not turned on the wheel but rather moulded, we cannot skip past the amount of handcraft that go into crafting these beautiful pieces. Porcelain is delicate and hard to work with, with a lot of effort going into handling, post-processing, glazing and firing. All of this effort results in a glossy, translucent, impeccable piece of porcelain that you can love and cherish forever. 

Porcelain for brewing 

Porcelain is unique as it can be a lot thinner than ceramic clay while providing the same strength and impact resistance. This allows us to create thinner structures and use less material - impacting its thermal properties. We also have more freedom in design, which we took advantage of for crafting this beautiful piece as we can keep some parts quite thin without compromising durability. Inherently, porcelain (and ceramic) brewers will be quick to absorb heat, reducing the temperature of the slurry in the early stages of brewing. However, they also don't radiate (dissipate) this heat quickly (compared to something like glass), becoming more insulative in the later stages of the brew. We find that this can bring a lot more balance and rounded mouthfeel to the resulting cup, with a very unique and delicious sweetness. If we describe our OPEN Glass brewer to be very bright and juicy, we would describe this OPEN Porcelain brewer to be very balanced and sweet. 

A porcelain brewer that doesn't suck (the heat)

Most ceramic brewers use too much material, which turn an otherwise incredible material into one that sucks (the heat out of your slurry). This brewer uses 5x less material mass than a ceramic V60, 4.5x less than a ceramic Kalita Wave, and significantly less than other ceramic/porcelain brewers on the market. The simple reduction in material mass will mitigate the potentially negative impacts of the material used and ensure that there is more temperature stability and less energy loss during critical stages of brewing (namely, the early stages). Our design ensures less energy loss in the first two pours and a more stable thermal condition in the latter stages of the brew, where the device more accurately mirrors the thermal conditions of the slurry. 

Why an OPEN bottom?

A long time ago, we started cutting some of our V3 brewers to create this massive hole and see how they perform. We thought the results were interesting and always planned to release something like this at some point. The OPEN bottom has a ridge to hold the paper in place - so the paper won't just fall through. It allows the paper to bend in the middle, creating a more central tendency to the flow. In early tests, recipes containing some central pouring really worked well for this brewer. 

So why the OPEN bottom? Because we tested it, found it gave something different to our classic approach and felt it was different enough to warrant making a unique product around this idea. We hope you will love it too!

Is it the fastest?

No - not really always. While it has the biggest hole of our brewers, there are other factors that contribute to fast flow rates than just the hole size. However, generally it is fast, consistent and produces a magnificent cup. 


Not a conical brewer

You won't be able to use conical filters in this brewer as it has a ridge at the bottom. We just want to make this clear as it is sometimes harder to see in photos. 

A beautiful BPA-free Acrylic base

The Porcelain Brewer ships with a clear/transparent Acrylic base. With the help of lasers and CNCs, we craft these beautiful holders for the Porcelain and Glass brewers. These hold the brewer stable above a cup or server. The two parts do not click together (like in our V3 brewers), rather the brewer sits on top of the base and they are two separate components. A big reason for separating these into two materials is the reduction in brewing material mass to improve thermodynamics. We also have found that in ceramic brewers, the two parts that break the most (by far) are the handles and the base. We chose to avoid both. 


Ideal Brewing Range 12g - 28g (200ml to 460ml) [6.8oz to 15.6oz]
Brewing quantity For 1-2 people
Compatible Negotiator V3 Negotiator (the classic negotiator) or V4 NARROW negotiator (flat bottoms)
Compatible Paper Filters OREA Wave size 185 (you can use Kalita 155/185 as well)

With Negotiator tool 
Sibarist x OREA FAST Flat filter
OREA Type "G" Flat paper (185 - Large)
OREA Type "C" Flat paper (185 - Large)
Brewer Material 100% Porcelain
Base Material

FDA & EU Approved
Acrylic (BPA-free)

Manufacturing information Handmade in Taiwan 

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OREA Brewer Porcelain
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