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OREA Brewer V4 - Narrow FAST (single bottom) [PRE-ORDER]

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For those that want simplicity - The V4 with our most popular bottom only

The OREA Brewer V4 was designed to work as a set, or to work perfectly as a single unit. In this case, we are packaging just our newest bottom, the V4 FAST flat bottom to give you a great starting point to brewing on the V4 system. As you grow in curiosity or experience, you can purchase additional bottoms separately and unlock new brew methods at a low cost. 

Read more about the V4 system


Let's evolve - again

Every version of the OREA Brewer has been quite revolutionary. Each time we evolve, we bring new ideas forward. To get a new version name, the change has to be quite drastic. With the V4, we think we have really made something industry-leading and future-proof and we hope you will agree.

The FAST flat bottom - a new standard

If the V4 was not a "modular brewing system" and we had to ship it with one configuration, it probably would have been this one. This bottom takes all of the understanding, learning and feedback we have received over the past iterations of our classic device. It is fast, consistent, and designed to prevent clogs and stalls. While paper filters may clog - the brewer will not. 

This bottom utilises the same approach we use in the Big Boy Brewer - creating a series of supports to maximise air and water flow while keeping the filter paper perfectly straight and in place. This pattern wraps around the coffee bed, while the rest of the wall is perfectly flat - allowing for our unique low-bypass brewing methods with flat filters. 


Our classic geometry

The Narrow geometry is the classic geometry we have used from the V1 onwards. It is steep, aggressive, and promotes faster a faster flow rate. Tools or filters made for the V2 & V3 will work with this unit. 


Award-winning before it even shipped

We are humbled to find out that the V4 was awarded the prestigious European Product Design Award as a winner in the Homeware, Coffee and Tea category. While we design products for coffee nerds rather than product designers, we were really happy to see that some of the best minds in the European design community agree that this design is indeed not rubbish! That surely has to count for something right? Jokes aside - we invested a lot of time, effort and money to make this complex product happen and we are thrilled to have some early recognition for that work. 


Modular without the modular feeling

When we took on the challenge of making a modular brewer - we really did not want it to feel modular. Sometimes modular products just feel too... modular. We didn't want this to feel gimmicky in any way. Each time you configure it, it looks and feels like a normal brewer - there is no feeling of modularity.

A full-metal base

A stunning metal base, machined from Stainless Steel, brings the whole brewer together. This is a nice in-between of the metal V2 and plastic V3, nostalgia included. It brings a nice premium weight to the brewer that we absolutely love. 

High-impact Polypropylene

The plastic elements of the brewer (funnel & bottoms) are made from a high-impact Polypropylene that is BPA Free and approved for food safety by the FDA and EU. This is the same material as the V3 MK2 and the Big Boy.

A matte-black finish

Currently we will only sell this unit in matte black, with a similar durable matte finish as our Big Boy and V3 MK2 brewers. 

An almost impossible design

We tend to make things that manufacturers tell us is not possible or highly likely to fail. The V4 is no different. To achieve the clean geometry and include the modularity neatly, we push what is advisable for injection moulding to a limit. This makes an overall nicer product with the clean, minimalist design we love. It also brings with it small marks as we stress the plastic in our moulds (usually hidden on the interior), using higher pressures to successfully mould the shapes we want. We think this is a worthwhile tradeoff - as we value overall form and function above shimmer and shine. We hope you will agree! 

Why a system? 

As you can tell, we like testing and exploring improvements constantly. Sometimes, this annoys people that buy our products to find we released something better a year later. At the core of what we do is the pursuit of the perfect brewing method - we don't like to sit on something that is not good enough. If we have good ideas, we improve our products. What you think is great today, you may learn tomorrow that it can be improved. People come up with new tools/ideas/innovations that drastically impact your way of thinking over time. This is why we prefer to evolve, to experiment, to improve. And we won't apologise for that - we are here to make the best. 

Better for you

By making a system rather than a set of 4 individual brewers - we forced ourselves to think about the future within the present. We sell you a structure which we can build upon, with space to make meaningful changes. If we explore different materials, designs, add-ons - we can sell you that on its own, rather than having to make a full new device. This helps us explore together, makes it easier for us to bring new ideas to market and cheaper for you to buy and try too. 

Better for the planet

Making a new full product comes with a big footprint. We prefer to focus on making small add-ons to grow a system, store and ship smaller components, use less space and less fuel, at a smaller cost to you, to us, and to the planet. We may fail in this approach, but we thought it was important to try. 

Better for our small company

As we work to future-proof our small independent business (it is as such on purpose), we need to be more clever in how we design our main products. We think this is a better approach for how we want to grow, and how we want to best serve you. 




Do I have to buy a Negotiator and Flat filters with the V4?

No you certainly do not - but we highly recommend it. These tools open up a new world of possibilities, and for a relatively low cost and one-time fee, they will allow you to explore a lot of brewing styles and try many types of paper in our brewers. We do offer the best Wave paper on the market for a simpler, more plug-and-play approach, but we do recommend picking up a negotiator too if it fits your budget - especially if you want to brew the APEX method. Please note to buy the correct Negotiator for the V4! Please note that the "V3 negotiator" is also compatible with this unit. 

What bottoms does this unit come with?

This unit contains just one bottom: the Flat FAST bottom


Ideal Brewing Range 12g - 28g (200ml to 460ml) [6.8oz to 15.6oz] 12g - 28g (200ml to 460ml) [6.8oz to 15.6oz]
Brewing quantity For 1-2 people For 1-2 people
In the box - V4 Narrow funnel
- 1 x FAST Flat Bottom

- V4 Wide funnel
- 1 x CLASSIC Flat Bottom
- 1 x OPEN Flat Bottom
- 1 x FAST Flat Bottom
- 1 x APEX Bottom

Compatible Negotiator V4 Negotiator Narrow
V3 Negotiator 
 V4 Negotiator Narrow
 V4 Negotiator Wide
Compatible Paper Filters

With Negotiator tool 
Sibarist x OREA FAST Flat filter
OREA Type "G" Flat paper (185 - Large)
OREA Type "C" Flat paper (185 - Large)

Without Negotiator tool   
- OREA Wave size 185 (you can use Kalita 155/185 as well)

With Negotiator tool   
Sibarist x OREA FAST Flat filter
OREA Type "G" Flat paper (185 - Large)
OREA Type "C" Flat paper (185 - Large)

Without Negotiator tool   
- OREA Wave size 185 (you can use Kalita 155/185 as well)
- Conical filters for APEX bottom (with custom fold)

Material FDA & EU Approved
Polypropylene (BPA-Free)
Stainless Steel Base
FDA & EU Approved
Polypropylene (BPA-Free)
Stainless Steel Base
Manufacturing information Made in Taiwan  Made in Taiwan 

Shipping notices

Your order will ship when all products in the order are ready to ship. If you want two different products that have different shipping dates (such as pre-order items), please make separate orders if you wish for one of them to come sooner. Please note the shipping estimate on every product page. 

This item dispatches from the UK. We ship globally from our UK warehouse ex-duty. Your country of import may charge import duties - the shipping charge we take covers shipping only. 

OREA Brewer V4 - Narrow FAST (single bottom) [PRE-ORDER]
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